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February 1, 2011 • By: Eventful Occasions 1

I just spent a fabulous, information-packed week in Phoenix, AZ for the annual Special Event Conference & Tradeshow – and I’m so excited to share with you some of the fun, cool things to watch for in 2011! While some of these may not be especially ‘new’, they’re definitely growing in popularity and offer fresh new ways to make your wedding (or any other event, for that matter) an Eventful Occasion (pun entirely intended).

Bloom Beads

Sasha Souza introduced this most awesome product during her “Favorite Things” presentation. Remember the bouquet preservation of the 80′s & 90′s? Now you can preserve the flowers from your bouquet in a hand-crafted piece of jewelry! Yes, I said jewelry. Bloombeads creates a wearable memory for you to cherish. The beads are made by hand-working the petals from your bouquet into the clay, resulting in a beautiful keepsake for years and years to come. Seriously. How cool is this??! Beads….made from the flowers in YOUR bouquet!!

Chair Covers

I know what you’re thinking – chair covers are nothing new. And you’re absolutely right. They’re the ideal way to liven up a plain (and sometimes ugly) chair, adding to the overall decor of your event. The typical cover with the sash tied in a bow has been replaced by these sleek, modern designs! These fabulous covers were all over the showroom floor, and fit perfectly over the chiavari-style chairs. Following are a few photos I snapped while wandering through the show.


Remember the disposable film cameras that brides would place on the guest tables to capture the fun, candid shots? Now your guests can shoot video footage for you! Place one on each table, scatter just a few around, or provide one to each member of your wedding party. Collect the cameras at the end of your event, mail the cameras back to iDOcam, and iDOcam will take all of that fabulous footage and edit it into a professional video of your day! This awesome little product was one of many featured in Michael Cerbelli’s presentation, and I immediately made a mental note to look these up. Check out this awesome video tutorial: iDOcam


Cake Pops

Move over cupcakes – make room for the quickly growing cake pop trend! Such a perfect little treat and conversation piece, all wrapped into one delicious bite (or two). Wondering how to display these yummy cake bites on a stick? Take a peek at this gorgeous cake pop stand by Robert Edward Woodworking - another item featured in Michael Cerbelli’s Hot Ideas for 2011!

Contact me today to hear about more fabulous ideas that could turn your event into something extraordinary!

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